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Overnight Oats

In the past, my go to breakfast has always been a bowl of cereal.  Mornings are rushed with getting the boys to two different schools on time.  Cereal for breakfast is fast to prepare and requires minimal work, but many cereals have a lot of sugar in them making them not the best choice for breakfast.  When I started the 6 Week Fitnest Challenge by Zehra Alibhai a couple of years ago, I changed some of my eating habits.  That's when I started eating Overnight Oats.  I have been trying different recipes and finally settled on one that I really like.  Preparing a few jars ahead of time, makes it easy to make a healthy choice for breakfast.  I still haven't gotten my boys onto the Overnight Oats yet.  Also, if my husband needs to grab a quick breakfast, there is something prepared for him to eat.  I originally didn't add the chia seeds and one day I thought to toss some in and see how it turned out.  I loved the result, the oats were thick and it gave a nice creaminess to th…

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