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Chicken 65

When my boys come home from school the first thing they do is wash their hands and then check what's for dinner.  They always have to take a taste.  My eldest, Hasan, will then declare if it is Hasan Approved!  This Chicken 65 got a Hasan Approved +!  They absolutely love this dish.  If there are any leftovers, my kids like to take it for lunch in a sandwich.  This recipe is from my mom.  There is one major difference from the way she makes it from how I do. She deep fries the chicken.  I prefer to shallow fry in a skillet.  Of course, the deep fried one is more tasty and the chicken gets a little crispy from the cornstarch.  I shallow fry in an effort to try to make it a little more healthy.

I don't know where the name Chicken 65 originates from.  There are lots of theories from it being first made in 1965 to it having 65 chillies.  There are different ways of making it as well.  Some use soy sauce and some are very dry.  We've also tried Chicken 65 in restaurants but my…

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