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Best of 2011

Orange Streusel Coffee Cake


Pan Pizza

Risotto Goes Wild!

Tuna Cups & Awards!

1/3 Healthy Pancakes

Easy Vanilla Truffles

Baked Garlic Pita Chips

Avocado Dip

Simple Cumin Roasted Cauliflower

Mexican Pizza

Light Whole Wheat Baguette

Black Bean and Vegetable Chili

Lemon Herb Pasta

Honey Yeast Rolls

Red Chilli Chicken with Black Beans and Rice

Tuna Kebobs

Spicy Garlic Green Beans

Spiced Sweet Potato Fries

S'more Rice Krispie Treats without Gelatin

Blueberry Lemon Yogurt Cake

One Ingredient Frozen Dessert

Banana Bread

Baked Jalapeno Poppers

General Tso's Chicken

Cake Pops

Black Bean Burgers

Orange Sherbert

Honey Wheat Sandwich Buns

Szechwan Fish

Mummy's Indian Spiced Shrimp BBQ'd

Mummy's Chicken Pie

Chocolate & Chillies on Manu's Menu

Vote for Chocolate & Chillies

Eggless Raspberry Buttermilk Cake

La Rocca Cakes & Gelatin

Pasta with Tomato Cream Sauce Revisited

Kheema with Bamiyan Kabob Chutney

KRAFT Parmesan Cheese

May YBR @ Spice Foodie

Spicy Fish Tacos with Creamy Chilli and Cilantro Sauce

Simple Guacamole

Strawberry Cake

Easy Thin Crust Pizza

Low Fat Fudge Brownies

Mushroom Risotto

Beef with Broccoli Lower Sodium Version

McCain Purely Potatoes

Cookies and Cream Cupcakes

April YBR @ Spicie Foodie