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I heard back from KRAFT and here is their response:

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Most of our Kraft cheeses marketed in Canada, with the exception of our imported Brie, Blue and Camembert cheeses marked "Product of Denmark," do not use animal-based rennet.  They use a microbial enzyme.

Kraft imported Danish cheeses may use either calf rennet or a microbial enzyme, and are identified by their "Product of Denmark" label and "pie slice" shape.

If the word "lipase" appear in the ingredient line of a Kraft product then it will be of animal origin.

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Kim McMiller
Associate Director, Consumer Relations

So KRAFT Parmesan Cheese is not Halal due to lipase.  I have seen some fresh Parmesan cheese that does not have lipase in the ingredients.  But make sure you email the company to confirm if it conforms to Halal Standards.

I recently ran out of Parmesan cheese so this week when I was grocery shopping I was looking to buy some more.  I had previously seen KRAFT Parmesan Cheese at the formerly Zum Zum Halal Meat Store.  I picked it up to purchase it but I was having reservations....was this really Halal?  I put it back on the shelf and when I got home started to do some research.  A while ago I came across this post at Is Cheese Halal or Haram?

So I felt comfortable about the Rennet (although in KRAFT Parmesan they use Microbial Enzymes which is fine).  But there was another ingredient called Lipase which I wasn't sure of.  So when I got home I searched what this is.  Turns out this is an enzyme.  All my searching has shown that Lipase should be from an animal that is zabiha to make the cheese halal.  I have emailed KRAFT to ask about their source of Lipase but have not heard back from them.  I will post an update when I hear from them.  So far now I am staying away from KRAFT Parmesan...If anyone has any insights on this please post a comment and let me know.

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