La Rocca Cakes & Gelatin

I love chocolate particular I love Truffle Cakes.  I have actually been searching for a recipe for one but have not been able to find one that is like the one from La Rocca.  Recently my dad had bought the Truffle Royal Cake by La Rocca Creative Cakes.  As I was opening the package I noticed there was gelatin in the ingredients...uh oh...can't eat this.  My sister in law, Reshma, emailed La Rocca Cakes to find out the source of the gelatin.

This is their response:

Mon, 6 Jun 2011
The gelatin in the Truffle Royale is derived from animal source (bovine).   
We understand this is a sensitive ingredient for many of our consumers and are currently in the initial stages of reformulating our recipes to remove the gelatin.   The Chocolate Truffle is free from gelatin and the Truffle Royal will be in 2 weeks.  Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Michael Givens
La Rocca Creative Cakes

So soon all La Rocca Creative Cakes will be gelatin free...YEAH!!!  I just wished my dad had waited 2 weeks to buy this cake.

Please make sure you read the ingredients first to double check gelatin is no longer used. 

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