Black Bean Burgers

I've never had a black bean burger before.  My husband is always asking me to try to cook less meat.  I found this recipe at Annie's Eats.  It looked so good..mine didn't look as good but it sure did taste good.  They are very easy and quick to make not to mention healthy.  I served them with Honey Wheat Sandwich Buns.  I also made a "special" sauce to go with them which was need for any other condiments!  I was scared Hasan wouldn't eat them.  I didn't tell them there was no meat.  He kept asking what was for dinner and I just said burger.  He loved it and didn't miss the meat at all!  But he refused to have the "special" sauce and had his with some ketchup.

Orange Sherbert

I found this recipe at Kraft Canada.  It's actually a recipe for popsicles.   I was hoping these would taste like Creamsicles...I LOVE CREAMSICLES!!  But it actually tasted like Orange Sherbet...which I also happen to love :).  This recipe has only 3 ingredients and s very quick to make.  The most time consuming part is waiting for it to freeze.

Honey Wheat Sandwich Buns

I have always wanted to bake bread.  I really really wanted to use the dough hook for my mixer.  For the longest time I have had such bad experiences with dough would never rise.  It was always so disappointing.  I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong.  I suspected it was my water temperature.  So I bought a thermometer so I could confirm.  Apparently what I thought was warm water is not....I was so excited when I saw my dough actually rose!! YEAH!!!!

Szechwan Fish

We love Hakka Chinese.  Everyone I recommend it to ends up loving it too.  Hakka Chinese is Indian Chinese Food.  One dish that is on all the menus is Szechwan.  Every restaurant I've had it at has a totally different recipe so I'm not exactly sure what is it that defines a dish as Szechwan.  I suppose I could Google it but I'm just too lazy to do that.  I came across this recipe at and made some changes and used fish instead of shrimp.  This recipe is very quick to make.

Mummy's Indian Spiced Shrimp BBQ'd

My mom has been making this recipe for as long as I can remember.  She fries the shrimp but I thought this would be great on the barbeque!  It's very quick to make. We used a wok on the grill to make these.  You can also put them on skewers.  If you would like to fry them instead, in a non-stick skillet heat a couple of tablespoons of oil and fry with the addition of 2-3 whole green chillies.

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