Light Whole Wheat Baguette

I love bread.  My dad loves bread too.  When we were growing up we would usually have an early dinner on the weekends.  Sometimes my dad would buy a baguette and on a Saturday or Sunday evening my mom would slice it up, toast and butter it.  It would be an evening snack.  I remember me and my brother would be watching tv and my mom would be at the dining table buttering up the bread.  These baguettes are super easy to make.  The original recipe is from the book Artisan Breads in 5 Minutes a Day.  I found this recipe at Good Life Eats.  I was amazed at the thought of freshly baked bread taking so little time...well it didn't exactly take 5 minutes.  The active prep time is probably around 5 minutes but there is an initial rising time of at least 2 hours.  Then after shaping your dough it must rest for 20 minutes and then it bakes for 25 this recipe is not going to give you a loaf of bread in 5 minutes.

I found the original recipe to be too salty so this time I reduced the salt.  The recipe calls for a 5 quart bowl...I don't have a 5 quart bowl so I used a big pot.  The recipe also called for grinding your own whole wheat flour.  I have no way of doing that so I just used the regular whole wheat flour you get in the grocery store.  Also I made one loaf and divided up the rest of the dough.  I put each piece in individual freezer bags and kept in the fridge ready to go when we needed some bread.  They said the dough lasts 2 weeks.  By the end of 2 weeks the dough had become watery and baked very dense.  So I would say try to finish it in a week.  This time around I baked some for my dad.  It is the perfect size for my parents since they really make demi-baguettes.  The dough can also be used for pizza (recipe coming soon) because sometimes 4 loaves of bread is a little too much. 

Light Whole Wheat Baguette
Adapted from Good Life Eats Makes 4 loaves

Note: Recipe can me halved.  After 20 minutes of baking my baguette was done.

3 cups warm water (110 F degrees)
1 1/2 tbsp yeast (2 packets)
1 tbsp salt
2 1/2 cups whole wheat flour
4 cups all-purpose flour
4 tbsp gluten flour

In a 5 quart bowl or a large pot mix the warm water, yeast and salt.  In a large bowl mix together the all-purpose and whole wheat flours and gluten flour.  Add this to the water mixture.  Using a wooden spoon mix until everything is incorporated.  Cover (not airtight) and let sit for 2-5 hours at room temperature until it collapses or flattens on top.  Sprinkle the top with 1/4 cup whole wheat flour.  Break off a 1 lb piece (about the size of a grapefruit).  I just cut mine into approximately 4 equal pieces and then pull out a piece. I separately store the remaining 3 pieces in individual Ziploc bags.

Place dough on a lightly floured surface.  Shape into a ball.  Roll and stretch into a baguette shape with 2 inch diameter.  Place on a lightly floured parchment paper or pizza peel.  Let rest 20 minutes.

Heat oven to 450 F with a pizza stone or overturned baking sheet in the oven & place a shallow baking pan underneath.

Once dough is done resting, paint with water and using a sharp knife make longitudinal slashes on the loaf.  Using pizza peel slide baguette onto stone, or place parchment paper with baguette onto overturned baking sheet.  Pour 1 cup hot water into baking pan and close door immediately.  Bake for 25 minutes.

This dough can be used to make Mexican Pizza.

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  1. Greattttt asiya....ur wheat baguette looks perfect.....

  2. First time here and love your title of teh blog. I too love breads and this one looks fab.

    do visit my page when time permits

  3. I had also tried this No Knead Bread a couple of months ago. I was amazed at how simple it is but even I found the amount of salt too much.......hopefully I will remember to reduce it next time.

  4. looks absolutely great dear..

  5. perfectly baked...healthy tooo...

  6. this is a fabulous book delicious looking bread
    following you too nice to meet you
    salaams Akheela

  7. Wow! Awesome & delicious bread, looks fantastic!

  8. Baguette is one of my all time favourite types of bread! And this looks amazing! I also LOVE whole wheat, so I am bookmarking this to try and make it! Thanks Asiya!


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