Aloo (Potato) Cutlets

When my husband and I got engaged, he invited my family over for dinner.  Back then I knew very little about cooking.  He prepared several dishes plus 2 desserts.  I was so impressed and a little worried because I could never have pulled something like that off.  After getting married he taught me a lot.  I was so used to Hyderabadi cuisine that I didn't realize there was such a wide variety of Indian/Pakistani dishes out there.

One of the dishes he made were these Aloo Cutlets.  He had gotten the recipe from his sister.  I love anything with potatoes and these were so good.  They are very easy to make.  You can adjust the green chillis and black pepper to suit how spicy you would like them to be.

Aloo Cutlets

3 medium potatoes, boiled
3 boiled eggs, diced
1 onion, finely chopped
1/4 bunch of fresh cilantro, finely chopped
3 green chillis, minced
1 tsp freshly ground black pepper
1 tsp salt (or to taste)
1 tbsp lemon juice
1/2 tsp ground cumin
1 tsp ginger powder
1 tsp garlic powder
1 slightly beaten egg
3/4 cup bread crumbs

For dipping:
1 egg, lightly beaten
bread crumbs

Oil for frying

Mash potatoes.  Mix potatoes together with remaining ingredients.  If the mixture is too thin to form into a shape add some more bread crumbs.

In one shallow bowl add the lightly beaten egg.  In another shallow bowl add the bread crumbs.  Shape some of the potato mixture, dip into the egg and then into the bread crumbs.  Shallow fry until crispy and golden.

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  1. a yummy tea time snackj.....superb

  2. Would love to have this anytime. Looks yum

  3. Asiya, this looks so tempting!! Suddenly I am craving for these.

  4. This looks totally delicious..


  5. Hi Asiya - These look so delicious! What a wonderful snack. Thanks for sharing. You have a lovely blog and I'm so glad to have found you!

  6. Very delicious yummy yum cutlets...loved it!

    Erivum Puliyum

  7. Potato cutlets look so delicious.....thnx for sharing he recipe:-)


  8. Yummm...perfect tea time snack for me!

  9. You are a very lucky lady!! This recipe sounds so good!

  10. I have never heard of these before, but I love potatoes, so I know I'd love these!!

  11. rawesome looking and drop my space when ur free

  12. first time here .. glad to follow you ...very yummy cutlets .... visit my blog

  13. Yummy! Would love to snack it anytime.

  14. Just looks awesome......very nice pics..... yum n delicious!

  15. cutlets looks super tempting..first time in your space and loved it totally..glad to follow visit my space too in your free time!! :)
    Kande Pohe

  16. I love a recipe that comes with memories.I love anything with potatoes too and these sound really good

  17. U have a few awards waiting at my space. Do collect them dear...
    My culinary Trial room

  18. This is such a unique recipe. I've not tried anything like this. I bet it tastes out of this world.


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