Spinach Quiche with Olive Oil Tart using Cookin' Greens

I don't think I have ever eaten quiche before.  I've always wanted to...it's not exactly what you grow up eating in an Indian household.  I recently received a couple of coupons from Cookin' Greens to try out some of their products.  Their greens are frozen within 6 hours of being picked.  Everything is finely chopped.  The Cookin' Greens Spinach is easy to use...if you don't want to use the whole packet you can just take out what you need and pop the rest back in the freezer.  They also have frozen kale and rapini.  I've never had either before and look forward to giving those a try.  There are two additional products that are a mix of different greens.  I can see these being a great addition to some pasta!

Low Fat Oatmeal Date Bars {SRC}

It's time for Secret Recipe Club again!  For those not familiar with the club, every month you are assigned a blog and you must make one recipe from that blog.  Then on Reveal Day we all post at the same time.  This month I was assigned the blog Cookin' with Cyndi.  After searching through Cyndi's recipes I settled on her Oatmeal Date Bars.  I've been making a lot of oatmeal lately and dates are always a hit in our home.  My kids love to snack on them.  My main changes to the recipe was to replace the butter with oil and applesauce.  I also used brown sugar instead of Splenda and included some all-purpose flour.  Bilal loved them and called them "Go-Bah" meaning granola bar.  It's so cute the way little kids try to say words.  Hasan used to call granola bars "Go-Ma-Ma".  I think you can switch up the date filling in these.  I'm thinking of trying it with some strawberry jam next time.

Focaccia with Onion

This is another recipe that uses the dough from the Light Whole Wheat Baguette recipe.  Unlike the focaccia I've seen in the past this one doesn't have a dimpled surface.  This is originally a Focaccia with Onion and Rosemary recipe but we aren't too found of rosemary in our house so I went easy on the rosemary.  Everyone loved this bread.  Hasan said it was "Excellent".  He had it for lunch and then for a snack!  I have also tried topping it with sundried tomatoes but they burned so I wouldn't recommend going that route.  The book mentioned that the focaccia would develop a crackling crust due to drizzling oil before baking.  I didn't see that effect but it still tasted great!

Baked Cake Doughnuts

For awhile now I've been seeing a lot of recipes for baked doughnuts all over the blogosphere.  I've never given them much attention since I didn't have a doughnut pan.  I had no intention on buying yet another baking pan.  My kitchen is already overflowing...whenever I open a cabinet I feel like something is going to fall on me.  But I was in Michael's a couple of weeks ago.  I had received a gift card for Michael's and I had gone with the intention of buying a cookbook.  When I got there all they had were books on how to decorate cakes, cupcakes and cake pops.  I would love to learn to do that but practically I don't have the time to get into that.  So as I was wandering around I came across the doughnut pans and I just had to get them. I am so glad I did!  I used the recipe that came on the packaging.  I was amazed at how little fat there was in them.  These are super quick to make.  They only took 7 minutes to bake!  These are best eaten the same day.

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