August Morning Muffins {SRC}

It's time for Secret Recipe Club once again!  This month I was assigned The Gingered Whisk written by Jenni.  I love how the food she writes about is the food they actually eat..which is what I also do!!  Jenni also loves to read and even has a list of her favorite books!  Every since I had Bilal I haven't read a single book...seeing Jenni's list really has me thinking I need to make some time to get back into reading.

Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies {Giveaway}

My kids love cookies...if they have cake and cookies in front of them they almost always go for the cookies.  I don't bake too many cookies because usually they have so much butter and usually I can't stop myself from munching on them all day.  I saw this recipe on for Mommy and it only used 1/3 cup of butter so I pinned it.

Quick Tomato Pizza Sauce

I've been having a hard time finding just the right sauce for pizza.  Recently I had my family over for dinner and I wanted to make pizza for the kids.  I found this recipe in Cook's Illustrated.  It used crushed tomatoes....personally I don't like crushed tomatoes.  There is this taste in them that I really don't like.  When I was grocery shopping I found a can of organic chunky crushed tomatoes with basil by Western Family (available at Longo's).  This is the best canned crushed tomatoes I have found.  The pizza sauce turned out really well and it is super quick to make as well!  I used it on my Easy Thin Crust Pizza.  Do you use crushed tomatoes?  What is your favorite brand?

Omega 3 Granola

We have been addicted to this granola.  I'm thinking I should now make a double batch since it doesn't seem to last that long!  Lately I've been having it for breakfast with some greek yogurt and dried cranberries.  This has become a staple in our home.  It's very easy to put together.  The original recipe had sesame seeds in it.  I added this the first time I made it and we found the taste overpowering.  So I prefer to leave it out.  I don't mix in any dried fruit in it to suit everyone's taste.  To make clean up easy I line my baking sheet with parchment paper.  I have tried foil and the granola stuck to it and didn't get as crisp.

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