Flour Frosting {SRC}

It Secret Recipe Club time once again!  This month I was assigned A Cook's Quest.  A Cook's Quest is written by Jenn.  Jenn started her blog when she realized life was getting too busy and she was not enjoying her favorite hobby...cooking.  Jenn's recipes are family friendly, easy to prepare and pretty healthy too!  All things that I love!  For some of Jenn's recipes she has actually calculated how much it costs to make the recipe which really puts into perspective how much cheaper it is to cook at home than to go out.

Pita Break Review {and a Giveaway!}

Apple Cinnamon Just Minis
We have been enjoying Pita Break's products for awhile now.  Their One Bun is a staple in our home.  Hasan will only have his sandwiches in a One Bun.  Bilal isn't as picky yet but I prefer to have him have his lunches with One Bun since there are much less crumbs than if I gave him toast.

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