Pita Break Review {and a Giveaway!}

Apple Cinnamon Just Minis
We have been enjoying Pita Break's products for awhile now.  Their One Bun is a staple in our home.  Hasan will only have his sandwiches in a One Bun.  Bilal isn't as picky yet but I prefer to have him have his lunches with One Bun since there are much less crumbs than if I gave him toast.

The wonderful people at Pita Break sent me some products to review and they are generously giving away some of their products to one Chocolate and Chillies reader! (Canadian residents only).

This is what you could win:

What you could win!

We loved all the products I received.  As I mentioned above the One Bun is something we always have in our fridge.  Not only do I use it to make sandwiches, but we have burgers and I make mini pizzas for the boys on it.  The Multigrain Hot Dog One Bun is very similar to the One Bun but has a different shape.  Not only is this great for hot dogs, but you can use them for kebobs or tacos.

Pita Break has a line of Just Minis.  Pictured at the top of this post is the Apple Cinnamon Just Minis.  I have never been a fan of raisins in bread but these minis changed my mind!  These were so yummy!  The boys loved having them for a snack and they didn't last very long.  I would heat them up in the toaster and sometimes slice them open and spread some butter inside.

Chappli Kebob Sliders using Multigrain Just Minis
I used the Multigrain Just Minis to make Chappli Kebob Sliders.  These are perfect for appetizers and for little hands.  My boys loved having the Multigrain Just Minis filled with hummus!

The Morning Rounds just made breakfast easy!  I would slice one in half and pop it in the toaster, then would spread a little bit of butter.  Pita Break sent me the Cranberry Orange and Muesli to try and I loved both of them.  The fruit in the Morning Rounds was very juicy.

Next we tried the Organic Whole Wheat Pita.  We used this as a replacement to roti while having dinner.  I was surprised at how thick and soft they were.  They have pockets so you can easily stuff them as well.  My only disappointment was that there were only 4 in the packet.  That doesn't last very long in our home.

My kids were most excited about the Crispy Pitas.  Pita Break sent us one of each flavour (Organic Spelt with Flax, Rosemary GarlicOrganic WheatCranberry Pumpkin Seed).

Rosemary Garlic Crispy Pitas served with some hummus!
Our favorite was the Organic Wheat.  We had a hard time coming around to the Cranberry Pumpkin Seed flavour.  They had too much cinnamon for our taste but the flavour combination definitely made me think of fall.

Finally we got around to trying the Lavash.  We received the Apple & Honey and Flax & Honey varieties.  These were a great snack.  Many times after coming home from dropping Hasan at school I find I am so hungry and searching for a snack.  I loved having these with some cottage cheese.  They are great alone or with a dip.  I know these would be fantastic with some hummus too!

Pita Break is a family run bakery that has been around for 15 years and originally was in downtown Toronto.  Now they are located in Vaughan.  (Love it when I find great Canadian companies!!!)  They use wholesome, nutritional ingredients.  I love that when I read the list of ingredients on their products I know what everything is...no artificial preservatives, flavours or additives.  They are kosher certified and no dairy or animal products or by-products are used.

Now to the giveaway!  One Chocolate and Chillies reader can win the following:

1 package of Flax Sandwich One Bun
1 package of Multigrain Hot Dog One Bun
2 packages of Just Minis (Apple Cinnamon and Multigrain Slider)
2 packages of Morning Rounds (Cranberry Orange and Muesli)
1 package of Organic Whole Wheat Pita
4 packages of Crispy Pitas (Organic Spelt with FlaxRosemary GarlicOrganic WheatCranberry Pumpkin Seed)
2 packages of Lavash (Apple & Honey and Flax & Honey)

This giveaway is open to Canadian residents only.  Once the winner has been announced you will have 48 hours to contact me to receive the prize.  Failure to do so will result in another winner being picked.  Thank you Pita Break for so generously sponsoring this post!

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Disclosure: I received Pita Break products to review.  All opinions are my own.


  1. I'd like to try them all but I will pick the Flax Sandwich

    meikleblog at gmail dot com

  2. I'm addicted to the cranberry pita crisps!! Need to try something new!

    wootsy @ gmail dot com

  3. I would like to try the Just Minis Apple Cinnamon.

  4. Asiya, you're pictures are awesome! Also all the different ideas you gave of what to do with the variety of Pita Break products were great...I wanted to ask Burket to pick one of them up on his way home :) I'd really like to try the Flax & Honey Lavash...they sound delish!

  5. Organic Whole Wheat Pitas

  6. Lavash Cracker Apple & Honey sounds delish!

  7. Oh wow what great products! I have only tried a few of their stuff but the crispy pita chip things look amazing!

  8. I am totally digging using them as buns for sliders. Great idea.

  9. Mini pitas all the way for me.

  10. Great products! The rosemary crispy pitas with hummus look absolutely delicious!

  11. wonderful products I want to try their one bun :) all your pictures look delicious
    entered the giveaway

  12. I would love to try all of the Crispy Pitas. Everything looks really good though! The Lavash Crackers are amazing!

  13. I want to try the Crispy pitas. Look delicious!

  14. Lovely giveaway! Wonderful ideas to try, they all look delicious!

  15. i want to try the cranberry orange morning rounds

  16. Would like to try the Rosemary Garlic Crispy Pitas

  17. Those little pita breakfast rounds look fabulous, and very cute. :)

  18. Asi, I wanna try those crispy garlic pita crips because as you know I have a salty tooth and those cravings need to be met!!!! Actually everything looks yummers! (psst...I better win!!!! ;) )

  19. I want to try the Just Minis Apple Cinnamon

    breej23 at hotmail dot com


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