100% Whole Wheat Waffles {SRC}

It's time for Secret Recipe Club again!  This month I was assigned I am a Honey Bee written by Nicole.  Nicole cooks, bakes and scrapbooks too!  While browsing Nicole's blog I found a recipe for Green Tomato Bread.   Last year we had an abundance of green tomatoes.  I was picking the green tomatoes from the backyard because I found as I let them ripen on the vine I would find little holes made by bugs so I would pick them early and let them rippen indoors.  Since I had so many I started to google green tomato recipes and came across Nicole's recipe which I bookmarked but didn't get around to making because my husband starting making an amazing kheema with the green tomatoes.  This year the tomatoes are slower coming in and they are too small to be picked.  So in the end I decided to try out Nicole's Whole Wheat Waffles.

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With summer comes lost of great weather and good times.  It also comes with kids getting more messy and that means more stains.  My boys love eating outside in the backyard.  Usually I give them popsicles to eat outside since those can get messy.  When I have to remove a stain I will soak in hot water.  Then I will use some laundry detergent and scrub the stain.  But there are times when I'm not sure how to get out all those stains and would love one resource to go to where I can find out what other moms do.  Strawberries, tomato sauce, pen and markers are my toughest stains to get out.  The last 2 occur mostly during the school year.

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