First Cheerios - Remembering Your Little One's Firsts

Time goes by so quickly and life gets so busy that we tend to forget about many of the first moments in our children's lives.  Many times I look at my two boys and can't believe how big they have gotten.  Them taking their first steps seems like ages ago.  It seems like once they figured out how to walk, all they wanted to do was run.  Even now it seems like they never walk's always running.

I remember the first time Hasan ate solid food.  It seemed like he had had enough with being on a milk only diet and was literally attacking the spoon every time I came close with some cereal!  Bilal on the other hand was not as eager and it took some encouraging and patience with him.

With finger foods I remember it took Hasan a long time before he would feed himself.  I would always give him some puff snacks and usually he would just throw them on the ground.  Then the first time he actually fed himself was when he was 14 months and we were in the car.  With one puff in the palm of his hand, he put his entire hand in his mouth to get just one tiny puff in :).  Bilal caught on a lot earlier but he also had his big brother's example to follow.

A child's first year is filled with so many exciting moments.  In celebration of theses moments Cheerios has brought back the First Cheerios campaign.  First Cheerios is a chance to share your child's First Cheerios moment.  You can join in on the celebration by uploading your child's First Cheerios moment pictures to the mosaic at General Mill's Life Made Delicious Facebook Page.  This is an interactive mosaic celebrating baby's first finger foods.  Everyone that uploads a picture will also receive a $1.00 off coupon for a box of Cheerios.  Also you could have your photo featured in the 2014 completed mosaic which will be printed on a special edition of Cheerios.  Soon you will be seeing a similar mosaic on Cheerios boxes from the pictures submitted last year in grocery stores!  So head over to General Mill's Life Made Delicious Facebook Page to enter your picture for the mosaic!

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Disclosure – I am participating in the First Cheerios blogger campaign by Mom Central Canada on behalf of General Mills. I received compensation as a thank you for participating and for sharing my honest opinion. The opinions on this blog are my own.


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  2. Be careful about entering contests that require a photo. I entered my son's image in a Cheerios contest in 2010. Guess who is being used as the face of this latest campaign 3 years later? That's right. My son.

    We thought we would win an RRSP in exchange for his awesome photo, instead General Mills has rights to our son's image in perpetuity. Weigh that big release before you enter your kids' images for a $1 coupon.

    Here's more:

    1. Sorry to hear about your experience with Cheerios. I haven't entered any pictures in the mosaic. I'm very protective of my won't find any pics of their faces on my blog either. I find when entering this types of contests it's always important to read the Terms & Conditions. I once was going to enter a recipe and photo in a recipe contest until I read that once I entered it I had transferred all rights to the recipe and photo to the people running the contest so I decided to not enter.

      Thank you for sharing the was very informative.

  3. This was such a touching post :) You're right, our kids do grow up so fast! I look at Zunoon every night and wonder where the time if going. MashAllah they are growing by leaps and bounds!

  4. Yep, time flies and these children grow up so fast! May Allah bless them with long, healthy and productive lives.


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