Best of 2013

It is almost the end of 2013.  It's a great time to look back and reflect on the year that has passed.  I thought I would share with you the Top 10 Recipes of 2013 on Chocolate & Chillies!

  1. Fresh Mango Ice Cream
  2. 15 Minute Creamy Avocado Pasta
  3. Avocado Hummus
  4. Quick And Easy Vanilla Cupcakes with Chocolate Frosting {Small Batch}
  5. Peanut Butter, Oatmeal And Chocolate Chip Energy Bites
  6. Low Fat Oatmeal Date Bars
  7. Tamatay Ka Kana (Indian Spiced Tomato Rice)
  8. Chicken Pad Thai
  9. Pumpkin Pie With A Coconut Oil Crust
  10. Kiwi, Coconut and Lime Muffins
Here are previous years' Best Of:

Best of 2011
Best of 2012

What were your favourite recipes from Chocolate & Chillies this year?

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  1. How fun!
    My favorite is the ice cream... It looks fantastic!

  2. wow, the avocado hummus is simply drolling me!!!

  3. delicious posts happy new year to you and family

  4. Those muffins look so pretty and I love the plate!

  5. I meant cupcakes ;) I love the rose pattern!


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