Kale Chips/Crisps {SRC}

It seems like forever since I've done an Secret Recipe Club post.  There was no post in December due to the holidays.  So we are back now in January.  This month I was assigned 84th and 3rd which is written by JJ.  JJ's blog is filled with beautiful photography.  I loved looking through her posts getting inspiration for my food photography.  JJ has so many wonderful recipes.  I decided to try the Kale Chips.  I know I'm quite late jumping on the kale bandwagon.  We tried kale once in a pasta dish which turned out horrible so I have been hesitant on eating it again.  I've been seeing for awhile people raving online about kale chips so I thought it was about time we gave it a try!

Healthy Cookies

Yes..you read that right....Healthy Cookies!!!  But seriously these are no equivalent to a regular cookie but is a great substitute when you are craving something sweet but don't want to eat junk.  These taste best when eaten right away.  They are very versatile so you can change them up in so many different ways.  Just be careful to add no more than 2 tbsp of add-ins otherwise they may fall apart.  You could also try it with different nut butters to vary the flavour.  How healthy or unhealthy they are really depends on what add-ins you choose to mix in.  These are also a great way to use up any overripe bananas.  I find the more ripe the bananas the better these cookies are.

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