Mango Pistachio Kulfi

Kulfi is a traditional Indian/Pakistani dessert.  This recipe is not a traditional way to make Kulfi.  Honestly I don't even know what the traditional way is but it certainly doesn't involve evaporated milk, condensed milk and Cool Whip.  I'm sure it does involve boiling milk for a long period of time.  Regardless, we really enjoyed this shortcut version of Kulfi.  I freezed them in popsicle molds but you can also use a container and cut it into squares.  The original recipe used heavy cream.  I didn't have any, but I did have Cool Whip so I substituted that.  The Cool Whip made it a little more sweet.  The ground pistachios give the Kulfi a wonderful texture.  I'm looking forward to experimenting with this recipe to come up with different flavour combinations!

Mango Pistachio Kulfi
Adapted from Fauzia's Kitchen Fun

2-3 mangos, chopped (I used Altafulo Mangos)
1/2 cup pistachios (I used a heaped 1/4 cup)
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tin evaporated milk
1 tin condensed milk
1 cup Cool Whip

Puree mangos (I used my immersion blender).  Coarsely chop pistachios.  Add pistachios and vanilla to the mangoes.  Blend in a blender or immersion blender.  In a separate bowl, whisk together evaporated milk, condensed milk and Cool Whip.  Add to mango puree and with a blender or immersion blender, pulse a few times until combined.  Pour into popsicle moulds and freeze until firm.

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  1. my aunt makes kulfi with bread, heavy cream, and condensed milk.i will have to try your short cut version sometime.

  2. The traditional method involved so much time and hard work, once my Mom made it, I reminisce it was super delicious. I never tried easy-to-make recipe of kulfi yet, but yours look a super success. :)

  3. Asi this looks delicious! I'm so happy that they turned out :) Cool Whip adds decadence without too much heaviness, and that's why I think it's great in Kulfi. Plus, ain't nobody got time to cook kulfi on the stove for hours ;) I've missed you and your blog!

  4. how many kulfi's do we get with this amount?

    1. It depends on the size of your moulds. I made 6 of the ones pictures above plus six more smaller sized moulds.


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