American-Style Pancakes {Ricardo Cuisine}

I've always been a big fan of cooking shows.  Not the competition shows but the ones where they teach you to cook.  One of the shows I used to watch on FoodTV was Ricardo and Friends.  It's been a long time since I've watched this show so I was happy to find out that Ricardo now has a website called Ricardo Cuisine where he shares recipes and lots of tips for cooking.  He also has a magazine that has been a huge hit in Quebec and is now available in English.

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I was recently approached by Ricardo's team to re-create a recipe from his collection of Crepe and Pancake recipes.  There are a lot of great recipes to choose from and I picked his American-Style Pancakes to try.  I'm always looking for different recipes to try out for breakfast to change it up from cereal.  These pancakes are a one-bowl recipe.  They are very easy to whip up and would be great for getting kids to help out.  These are thin pancakes and remind me of the pancakes you typically get when you go out for breakfast.  My boys enjoyed them and they didn't last long!

The directions say to cook the pancakes for about 2 minutes per side.  I found this was too much time.  I cooked them on medium heat until there were a lot bubbles and then flipped them. I continued to cook them until the bottom was brown.  This took less than 2 minutes in total.  I also didn't find I needed to tilt the pan to spread the batter as it was already thin.  I got 15 pancakes from this recipe.

I can see this as being a great base for creating variations.  You could add some lemon zest to the batter and sprinkle some blueberries on top while they cook.  Chocolate chips would also be a great variation.  The possibilities are endless!  When we have pancakes we must always have them with maple syrup.  Berries on top are a great way to get in some fruit as well!  To get the recipe for these American-Style Pancakes please head over to Ricardo Cuisine.

Ricardo Cuisine has a wealth of information.  Not only does Ricardo share his wonderful recipes but he also has videos where he shares some great tips like how to seed a pomegranate.  There is a section entitled "Read" where you can find numerous tips and information such as 10 Facts About Barbecue.  I found the Conversions and Temperature Chart  and Basic Guide to Freezing on his website to be very informative and helpful.  I hope you will hop over to Ricardo Cuisine to explore all the wonderful recipes and tips he has to offer.

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