Mango Orange Popsicles

With the beautiful weather we are spending lots of time outside.  We are also enjoying more frozen treats!  I love to make popsicles for my boys and today I'm sharing with you a recipe for Mango Orange Popsicles.  With it being Ramadan, I find these popsicles make a wonderful dessert.  They are light and refreshing!

Nan Khatai & Eid Eats 2015

There are just a couple of days until Ramadan and once again this year, Sarah from Flour and Spice, Henna from My Ninja Naan, along with myself will be hosting Eid Eats 2015.  In case you missed it last year, it's a link party where we all make a dish that we would serve on Eid.  You can find all the details at the end of this post!

Banana and Vanilla Pudding Parfaits with Coconut Whipped Cream #GayLeaMom

The weather has warmed up and BBQ season is here!  We love to grill up chicken, kebobs and even pizza on our grill.  After such a heavy meal, a nice light and refreshing dessert hits the spot!  Today I am sharing a dessert that fits the bill!  Banana and Vanilla Pudding Parfaits!  Best of all you don't need to turn on the oven to make this dessert.

Spinach, Egg and Feta Breakfast Wrap

Ramadan will soon be here!  For Suhoor (breakfast) I like to eat things that don't require a lot of effort.  Most times I end up eating cereal just because it's the easiest and quickest option.  I will also make Baked Oatmeal and then re-heat it in the morning.  Recently I had read about these Spinach, Egg and Feta Breakfast Wraps and thought they would be perfect for Suhoor.  You can assemble everything and just heat up in the morning.  I like to use my George Foreman grill to heat them up and get the outside nicely toasted.

Medjool Date Bread Rings {Natural Delights}

Ramadan is just around the corner.  The time for fasting and for some delicious treats!  Today I am sharing with you a recipe for Medjool Date Bread Rings using Natural Delights Medjool Dates.  This is a recipe that brings back fond memories of going to Juma prayers with my family as a child.  Also anything with dates reminds me of Ramadan.

Brussels Sprouts Salad with Dried Cranberries, Almonds and Parmesan

Brussels Sprouts is something we never had growing up.  From the TV programs we watched, it sounded like they were horrible.  After getting married, I started trying all sorts of new foods that we didn't have as kids.  Brussels Sprouts is one of those and we have enjoyed them ever since!  Typically I would roast them with some olive oil, salt and pepper.  When I came across this recipe it sounded interesting as it uses raw shredded Brussels Sprouts.

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