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If you've been following me on Facebook or Instagram, you would know that we've been eating a lot of candy courtesy of Blossom & Bean.  I was recently chosen to be one of Blossom & Bean's Brand Ambassadors!  Blossom & Bean is Canada's first Halal candy shop and was started during Ramadan of 2013 by Lindsay Contractor.  Blossom & Bean was initially started with their handmade gourmet marshmallows and expanded onto gummies.

Blossom & Bean's products can be found at Modah, select Fresh Co. locations and online at www.blossomandbean.com.  If you shop online, use the code chocchilies to receive a 10% discount until the end of Ramadan.

Being a Brand Ambassador, I received a box full of Blossom & Bean goodies.  My kids have never been so happy about my blogging before!

Here is what I received:

Halal S'mores Kits
Campfire Mini Fruit Halal Marshmallows
A variety of Yumy Yumy Halal Gummies
Blossom & Bean Halal Sour Keys
Blossom & Bean Super Mix
Bebeto All-Natural Gummies
Quarterback Halal Gummies
Bebeto Fastfood
Ramadan Bar

I was most excited to try out the S'mores and my kids were excited about the Bebeto Fastfood.  We started out with the Bebeto Fruit Gummies.

I loved that the Bebeto Fruit Gummies have no High Fructose Corn Syrup.  The texture is much softer than regular gummies due to the addition of yogurt.  These were my favourite gummies out of all the gummies we received.  They smelled amazing and didn't last long!

Bebeto Fruit Gummies

We also received a bunch of different varieties of Yumy Yumy Gummies.  My kids chose to open Peach Rings first.  They loved them!  The Peach Rings were soft, sugary and had a wonderful sweet flavour!

When we opened the Cola Bottles you could immediately smell the scent of Coke.  They definitely tasted like Coke.  The kids weren't on board with these since they don't drink pop.  All the other Yumy Yumy gummies were very good.  The Sour Keys were a great balance of sour and sweet.  We found the Yumy Yumy gummies to be a bit softer than the Blossom & Bean brand.  

I was very curious about the Bebeto Fastfood Gummies. Would they really taste like fast food?  My kids were very excited about trying these.  I was happy to find out they didn't taste like hot dogs, burgers and pizza.  My kids loved them!

Next we tried the Halal S'mores Kit.  I've never had S'mores before.  The box comes with a bag of Campfire Marshmallows, Graham Crackers and Lindt Chocolates.  I wish there were instructions on how to make them but this was nothing that Google couldn't solve!  After a couple of attempts and some advice from my candy loving sister in law, I got a method to make delicious s'mores!  I will be posting the recipe for how I made these soon!  You can find the recipe for the S'mores I made here.

The most curious item in the box had to be the Ramadan Bar.

I wanted to show you how it looked inside, but my kids have been so excited about this box of candy and all their "investigating" resulted in a crushed Ramadan Bar.  But it didn't stop us from trying it out!  The Ramadan Bar is supposed to help regulate your sugar levels during the fast.  It was chocolatey with a slight crunch and tasty.  We thought our fast that day felt a little easier having ate the Ramadan Bar at Suhoor.

There was also a bag of Campfire Halal Mini Fruit Marshmallow in the box I received.  Without a doubt, Campfire Marshmallows are the best Halal marshmallows I've had.  The texture and flavour are spot on.  I used them to make these Fruity Rice Krispies Treats (recipe coming soon)!

Let me know in the comments which is your favourite Blossom & Bean product!

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Disclosure: I received free samples to try.  All opinions are my own.

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