Ginger Chicken

Back when I started cooking this is one of the dishes I first tried.  I have always been cautious of not using too much oil and would only use 1-2 tbsp when making it.  I shared the recipe with my mother.  When she made it, it was so delicious.  I couldn't believe the difference!  The difference was due to the oil.  So from now on, I've used a little more and the taste is so much better!  I still don't use as much as the original recipe.  Half a cup is way too much for me.

Zesty Popcorn #GayLeaMom

Lately the most asked for snack in our home has been popcorn.  I remember growing up my mom would make popcorn on the stovetop.  We didn't have a microwave back then.  It was one of our favourite snacks as kids.  When I make popcorn, I usually season it simply with some oil and salt.  Once in awhile when I make popcorn, I will use butter instead of oil for a treat.

Soutzoukakia {Greek Meatballs in a Tomato Sauce} {SRC}

After a two month break from The Secret Recipe Club, I'm back with a post!  I decided to take a break since Ramadan spanned across June and July this year and with the boys at home we have been very busy.  This month I was assigned A Day in the Life on a Farm written by Wendy.  Wendy and her husband were police officers and moved to a farm after retiring.  They have really taken to the farm life and have fruit trees, laying hens, and chickens, turkeys and pigs for meat.

Lemon Almond Loaf


My last post was for a Lemon Olive Oil Banana Bread.  Today I'm posting another lemon loaf but it is very different from my last post.  This is more like cake and is absolutely delicious!  I love all things lemon and was excited to give this recipe a try.  The first time I made this was when my childhood best friend came to visit.  It was great to catch up while enjoying a slice of this Lemon Almond Loaf.

Lemon Olive Oil Banana Bread

Banana Bread is always a favourite in our home.  The recipe I usually make is our favourite but it makes a lot.  I wanted a smaller loaf that wasn't as sweet.  I found this Lemon Olive Oil Banana Bread recipe and liked that it has some whole wheat flour in it.  I didn't put the glaze as in the original recipe to keep it more like a bread than a cake.

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