Starbucks Copycat Quinoa Black Bean Burritos {SRC}

It's the last Monday of the month which means it's time for my Secret Recipe Club post.  This month I was assigned Fantastical Sharing of Recipes written by our group leader Sarah.  Sarah is a recipe hoarder and her blog is a way to share all the great recipes she finds as well as a way to get through the recipes she has hoarded.  She lives in Tennessee with her husband, three adorable kids and two cats.  She has a great feature on her blog called "Throwback Thursday: Rediscovering Old Favourites in the Recipe Archive".  I think it's a great way to share with readers and to remind ourselves of some of the older recipes on a blog.  I also love how Sarah shares her Menu Plan each week.  It's something I always want to get on board with but never get around to.

Butter Chicken Lasagna {Catelli® Reinvent Gluten Free Lasagne Challenge}

Just when I thought Butter Chicken couldn't get any better!  Today I'm sharing with you a recipe for Butter Chicken Lasagna for Catelli's Blogger Challenge.  The challenge is to create an original recipe using their new Gluten Free Lasagna.  UPDATE: My Butter Chicken Lasagna won the contest!

Pie Face! Game #GayLeaMom {Giveaway}

When I was a kid I remember watching a few TV shows that had a scene where a cream pie was thrown in someone's face.  It always resulted in a lot of laughs.  Hasbro has come out with a fun game called Pie Face! which takes inspiration from this.  The premise is that you spin the spinner and turn the knob hoping that you don't get hit in the face.  The game comes with a sponge you wet or you can use some Gay Lea Whipped Cream.

Natural Delights Date Rolls

Medjool Dates are something we always have in our cupboards.  They are a great snack, especially when I'm craving something sweet.  Natural Delights uses Medjool Dates to make Date Rolls.  Their latest is their Limited Edition Pecan Pumpkin Pie Spice Date Rolls.  Date Rolls are made of chopped, compressed dates and rolled in different toppings.  The texture is very soft.  They are also available in coconut flakes and chopped almonds.

Hyderabadi Dum Kay Kabob {CorningWare Giveaway}

Whenever I make my mom's recipes, the aroma takes me back to my childhood.  The recipe I'm sharing with you today is a dish my mom would make every Eid when we would all get together for lunch.  It's a dish originating from Hyderabad, India.  Growing up, I also remember this dish being served at many family gatherings and weddings.  It's definite comfort food for me.  My mom would typically serve it garnished with sliced onions, coriander and lime wedges.  This dish is traditionally eaten with roti.  Our typical side dish is Maash Ki Daal, pictured in the top right.  I'm still working on getting the proportions right.  Hope to get it perfected soon so I can share the recipe with you!

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