Quinoa and Sweet Potato Cakes {SRC}

Today is the Reveal Day for The Secret Recipe Club which also means I've discovered another great recipe!  This month I was assigned Hapatite written by Nicole.  The name of Nicole's blog is a combination of the words hapa and appetite.  Hapa is slang for a person of mixed racial heritage, including roots in Asian/Pacific Island ancestry.  Nicole lives in DC and is ethnically Chinese, Cherokee, German and American but culturally Hawai'ian.  This is reflected in the diversity of recipes on her blog.  Not only does she have recipes, but she shares reviews of restaurants and tea!

Easy Peach Jam {Small Batch}

My first experience with making jam was last year when I made the most amazing Strawberry Jam!  It was definitely worth all the work that when into it.  I was planning to make some again this year when we went Strawberry Picking but we never ended up going and no jam was made.  Now that it is winter, the variety and quality of fruit is not as great as summer.  It's times like these that canned fruit is a great alternative.  My son loves to have toast with some jam for breakfast, so I thought I would try making Peach Jam with California cling peaches.

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