Low Fat Strawberry Yogurt Scones

This week I'm sharing another recipe for scones.  Early in July, we had gone Strawberry Picking at Organics Family Farm.  We haven't gone for the last couple of years because their strawberry picking season was during Ramadan.  We were very excited to be able to go this year.  We brought home a lot of strawberries and I used some of them to make these Strawberry Scones.  One of our favourite things about Organics Family Farm is the wood fired pizza they serve at lunch time.

One Bowl Banana Bread

Whenever bananas have gone past their edible stage, the best thing to do is to make banana bread!  I have a recipe for Banana Bread currently on my blog but it makes two loaves and has a lot of sugar and oil.  It is delicious but I wanted something that would make a smaller quantity and had less sugar and oil.   This One Bowl Banana Bread recipe I am sharing with you today is our new favourite banana bread.  I've also mixed in some white whole wheat flour to make it "healthier"!  My boys loved to toast a slice and then slather on the butter which probably defeats the idea of making the banana bread healthy....

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