One Pan Tandoori Chicken Bake

This is a recipe my mom would make for us as kids.  The difference between my mom's and mine, is that I've used boneless chicken to speed up the cooking and I've added onion and a green pepper.  I've also added some cornstarch to help thicken the sauce. 

My boys loved to have this with rice and Masoor Ki Daal.  It's best to marinate overnight, but most times I don't because I'm not thinking that much in advance.  

Banana Cake with Lemon Icing

Growing up, whenever we had extra and overripe bananas my mom would make this cake for us.  It was a favourite!  I loved the combination of banana and the lemon icing.  For the best results, use three very ripe bananas.  I don't know the original source for the recipe.  My mom would have these little pieces of paper that looked like tracing paper with recipes typed up on them.

Naseeba if you are reading this...I made this cake for Eid when you were away for Hajj...that is how behind I am on my posts...Lol...

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