Hyderabadi Boneless Chicken Biryani {Kachi Yakhni}

Hyderabadi Boneless Chicken Biryani in a metal plate beside a bowl of raita.

This is an adaptation of the only biryani I ate growing up.  Whenever I make Hyderabadi Biryani, the aroma takes me back to my childhood.  For me, this is the easiest biryani to make as it's very hands off.  The original recipe I started with is from my cousin, Rizu appa. My mom usually would make this with veal on Eid.  The recipe is great but my husband and sons loves all their food spicy so when I first started making this, they enjoyed it but the big complaint was that it wasn't spicy.  So I adjusted the recipe to increase all the spices and they all loved it!  

What is Hyderabadi Boneless Chicken Biryani (Kachi Yakhni)?

Classic Hyderabadi Biryani, also referred to as Kachi Yakhni, is unique as the raw meat and rice is cooked together.  It is made using a dum method.  This means that the pot is tightly sealed so that the steam is trapped and cooks the biryani.  It is baked in the oven.  Hyderabadi Biryani can be made with beef, chicken or lamb.  It is traditionally not spicy and more aromatic.  

How to make Hyderabadi Boneless Chicken Biryani

When making Hyderabadi Biryani, the raw meat and rice are cooked together.    The meat is marinated the night before.  The next day, rice is boiled with some aromatic spices until it is 3/4 done.  Then the raw meat and rice is layered and baked.  There is minimal time spent standing over the stove. 

I prefer making biryani with boneless chicken breast, so I have used that here.  I highly recommend using Sella Basmati Rice.  One of the struggles many people have when making biryani, is getting the rice the right texture and not having mushy rice.  Since Sella is a harder rice, it is much easier to get the rice right.  

I still have a soft spot for the more traditional Hyderabadi Biryani but for now this is the biryani I will be making!  


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