Gajar ka Mitha {Carrot Halwa}

A bowl of Gajar ka Mitha (Carrot Halwa) garnished with sliced almonds.

It is well known in our family that my mom makes some of the best Hyderabadi desserts.  Her Badaam ki Jaali and Puran Puri are two of the most loved desserts she makes.  The desserts are definitely labour intensive.  I remember growing up helping her peeling the almonds for desserts and always being asked to go give the mixture on the stove a stir.

Today I'm sharing her recipe for Gajar ka Mitha (also called Gajar ka Halwa).  My mom's recipe is my favourite!  This took me about 2 hours to make and it makes quite a bit.  The only change I've made from her recipe is to reduce the sugar.  She uses 3 cups for this recipe.  I've tried making it with half & half instead of the table cream, and you can definitely taste the difference.  It is a rich dessert and this version is quite thick.

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