How To Make Soft Rotis and Chapatis in a Stand Mixer

soft roti and chapati

One of my cooking goals for the past few years has been to learn how to make soft, delicious rotis.  My biggest challenge (besides being able to roll a round roti) has been to make rotis soft.  A lot of experimenting and research has led me to my secret for making soft rotis....Boiling hot water!  Knead your dough in a mixer using boiling hot water.  Once I started doing this, my rotis have been coming out so soft and absolutely delicious!

Another difficulty I would encounter would be my rotis wouldn't puff up when cooking.  My method of cooking was to press down on the roti with a cloth to make it puff up but it never really worked for me.  I've seen many people cook the roti on a tawa and then transfer to an open flame on their gas stove and the roti would immediately puff up.  I have a glass cooktop so I didn't understand how I could get the same effect.  Awhile ago I saw my good friend Henna from Chai & Churros making rotis on her Instagram stories.  She had a small cooling rack over a burner.  She cooked her roti on the tawa and transferred to the cooling rack to puff up!  Ever since I've been using her trick and my rotis have been puffing up!

My setup: tawa on the front, rack in the back

I know making rotis are home is definitely more work than purchasing from outside, but the result is definitely worth it!

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