Honey Yeast Rolls

A rectangular baking dish with Honey Yeast Rolls

Update October 13, 2021 
Made these rolls after a long time and decided to update the picture.  I first posted this recipe 10 years ago.  I've kept the original picture to remind me of how my photography has improved over the years.  It's also been a long time since I've taken a picture for the blog and it was nice to get back into it.  Hasan and Bilal devoured these rolls when they got home from school.  They are really not difficult to make.  They just require time for all the rising.  
Original Post
Now that I finally understand how to work with yeast I have been loving making bread at home. I've made these rolls three times.  The first 2 times the dough over rose because I got busy with the kids and I ended up with Monster Honey Yeast Rolls.  They still tasted great though!  This last time I paid attention to the rising so they weren't as humungous as before.  Next time I will use a springfoam pan rather than a cake pan.  The sides are higher and I had a problem with the honey that was brushed on top spilling over on the oven.  It may seem like the honey mixture you brush on top is too much but it all seeps to the bottom between the cracks and the bottom gets nice and sweet.

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