Simple Irish Soda Bread {Remake}


Simple Irish Sode Bread in a cast iron skillet

I cook a lot...and I cook a lot from my fellow bloggers.  My main way to keep track of all the recipes and my changes was by using Pinterest. I would make notes in the title area about what I changed, what worked, what I would do differently.  Recently, I discovered Pinterest did an update and all my notes were gone! Where I was placing my notes, they overrided it with the recipe title.  I  wasn't happy about losing all my notes but it just re-confirmed we shouldn't be relying on these platforms.  We don't own them and they can decide to change things to suit their needs whenever they want.  So I thought a good way to keep track of recipes that turn out great is to write a blog post about it talking about what I changes and what we liked about it.  I won't post the recipe here unless I've made significant changes.  Instead I'll share the link to the recipe and some notes about what I did different.  For this recipe, I took a very quick photo on the dining table, no natural light and using my phone.  Not the best, but want to get back into the food photography so sharing remakes here is a great way to do that without all the recipe testing!

Today I'm sharing a remake I did of my friend Ali's Simple Irish Soda Bread.  It is very quick to make and is delicious! We love it toasted and slathered with butter.  I mixed in some whole wheat flour because I like the flavour it adds.  Besides that, I didn't change anything from the recipe.  

Recipe Simple Irish Soda Bread
Blog Alexandra's Kitchen
My Changes I replaced some of the all-purpose flour with whole wheat flour.
(all-purpose flour: 383 g; whole wheat flour: 128 g)
Our Thoughts This is a more dense bread. It was very quick to put together.  Dough was very sticky but it all worked out in the end.  Tastes wonderful toasted and slathered with butter.  Boys loved it for an after school snack and for breakfast!

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