Monday, June 11, 2012

Mango Ice Cream


Today I am guest posting on The Recipe Code.  The Recipe Code is written by Zee.

I first discovered Zee's blog through Facebook.  I absolutely loved her photography so I started visiting her blog.  I love her concept of finding the "code" for the perfect recipe!  This is my first guest post and was so excited when Zee approached me to do one!  For my guest post I made some Mango Ice Cream...perfect for the hot summer coming!  Please head over to The Recipe Code to check out my post and Zee's great recipes and photography!


  1. Congrats Asiyapa! This is a milestone, being asked to guest post!

    I'm really proud of how successful your blog has become. You really are an inspiration.

  2. wow....irresistible ice cream.....

  3. Hoping there....but love the awesome color....

  4. Perfect Mango ice cream, looks so smooth n creamy..will checkout the recipe now..
    Spicy Treats

  5. Wow that color is amazing! I've got to get some ripe mangoes for this. Congrats on the fun guest post.

  6. emm emmmm. Btw how did you ever come up with the combo, chocolate and chillies, huh?

  7. There were so many other blog names I wanted but they were all taken. I settled on Chocolate and Chillies to represent my love of desserts and spicy food.

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Oops...I didn't mean to remove the content but now I can't get it back..there is no undo :(

      I used an ice cream maker but you don't have to. Just mix and put it in the freezer. My mom made this on the weekend and she doesn't have an ice cream maker. She said it turned out really good.

  9. beautiful colourful ice-cream will check out the post :)

  10. Love this! I tried creating a Mango Frozen Yogurt, but Mango Ice Cream sounds so much better!

  11. Ice cream seems to be melting on my mouth....
    First time visiting yours and you have lovely space....glad to be your follower...
    Do visit mine in your free time..


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